The Kawai KG-3c is a great grand piano, I used it while in college it has a beautiful sound and in fact, many music school loves it because of the 6ft size, full sostenuto pedal and with duplex scale. I would say this is one of the best choice you can get in used piano market. The Kawai KG Concervatory grand was extremely popular in the piano teaching community since the day of KG series grand pianos was first introduced in 1980s in Japan. After 35 years of success, the KG series was succeeded by RX series in 1995. Kg Series is also a series that has been promoted heavily into European market such as US and Italy.

Tone is the rich, resonant sound quality that emanates from a well-crafted piano. A fine instrument should be capable of producing exceptional tone through the full range of musical expression. At the lofty pinnacle of the KG series, the KG3C speaks with the transcendent character and authority that has made it the definitive choice of the consummate professional. Although its only a 6 footers, it has incomparable tone and extraordinary power that is the ultimate expression of KG series excellence.

Its commanding presence graces the concert stage with authority and elegance, while its suprassing tone and responsiveness are coveted by the world’s finest studios. KG3C is capable of producing exceptional tone through the full range of musical expression – powerful, delicate, short long fast and slow.

Many people have wondered why most of the grand pianos has got the logo “K.KAWAI” and K48 is the ONLY upright grand piano that inherited this special logo. The “K” in K.KAWAI stands for KOICHI, the first name of Kawai Founder for innovative design. Having entered the piano business as young apprentice for Torakasu Yamaha (Yamaha Founder) in early 1900s, Koichi Kawai led the R&D that introduced Japanese pianos to the world. Koichi is the first to design and build a complete piano action in Japan, receiving many patents for his designs and inventions.

There is no difference in product quality between Kawai labeled “K.KAWAI” or KAWAI. The difference is the type of instrument on which these logos are found. As not all grand carries the K.Kawai such as the Kawai GM series grand piano.


2. Specification

Size 102(H) x 152(W) x 182(L) cm
ActionMillennium 1
SoundBoard MaterialSolid Spruce
Back Post
Tuning pinNickel Pin
Duplex Scale
Center pedalFull Sostenuto
Music RackGrand Style
FallboardGrand Style

Millennium Action

Combining modern material science with innovative new design concepts, Kawai has developed an action with a touch and consistency that is unmatched. The Millennium action is incredibly sturdy and rigid, which allowed Kawai to make the action parts with better strength. The repetition and responses are superb.



The soundboard is the very heart of the piano’s tone. Its purpose is to transform the vibrations of the piano’s strings into a beautiful, resonant tone. Kawai KG3C use straight-grained, quarter-sawn solid spruce for its grand piano soundboards. Each one is tested with state of the art equipment to measure the speed at which sound energy travels through it.


KAWAI KG3C comes with Full Agraffes, which insure accuracy in string alignment, spacing and angles to produce greater uniformity of tone and consistent “speaking length” for each note.

Full sostenuto Pedal

KG3C comes with not just bass sostenuto, but full sostenuto pedal which can greatly enhance the playing and many professional pianist will greatly benefited from this.


For a fraction of price, you get one of the greatest Kawai model that can last you easily another 15 to 20 years.  It is a very good investment as we offer 50% buyback within 10 years. Please take note white colors are custom made and the price is different than black color.

5 . Conclusion – The Beginner Choice.

The 6foot1 KG3C grand was known for its statuesque presence and resonant power that could grace a recital hall, Even Taylors International school bought KG3C from us in to place in its Concert Hall. If you are looking for a grand piano to spice up your living room, the KG3C is a good piano for life that you can expect another timespan of 30 years after our professionally done restoration.

If you would like to visit us to try out the piano, do give us a call as KG3C,D is very popular pianos in Malaysia and we carry 5-6 units all year long ! Give us a call before visiting ya !