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Among the most frequent concerns we are asked is “Does my piano require tuning if nobody is using it?

The answer is yes, pianos can go out of tune for a number or factors, based on the particular situations. Let’s begin with a brief summary, and after that take a look at each factor in further detail. Pianos can go out of tune due to:

  1. Climatic changes
  2. Moving a piano
  3. Constant and heavy playing
  4. Age of your Piano
  5. Small upright pianos

With our humidity extremes in Malaysia, the majority of people realize that tuning two times annually is required. This is the recommendation of many piano companies. If the piano is brand-new, has tuning stability issues (such as loose tuning pins), or is improperly positioned in your house, more frequent tunings might be required. The fact is that pianos start to incrementally alter the minute the tuner leaves. A heavy-handed performance pianist can toss notes out of tune prior to the concerto ends!

The usual fee for piano tuning is from RM150 onwards for upright piano, and RM250 onwards for Grand piano. Pianos which have not been tuned for a long time may get very flat; in which case the piano may need to have a first tune called a “pitch raise” before it can be tuned properly. A pitch raise allows the piano to settle enough at the higher pitch to allow a fine tune to settle in at the new pitch.

most of the pianos could be tuned. However, pianos that have actually been ignored often need more tuning (known as pitch raising) to get the concert pitch (often called A440 or standard pitch). Concert pitch is a requirement that guarantees that a person instrument can play together with a matching note of some other musical instrument and play tuneful with each other. Nevertheless, many individuals are pleased to tune their piano to ensure it is in tune by itself, not at concert pitch, since they do not play the piano together with other musical instruments or recordings. In this particular case, a single standard tuning is usually everything is needed. On older pianos with rustic strings, initially tuning the piano to itself is often a good idea to check the condition of the piano prior to adding in higher stress. Keep in mind: There are many pianos along with loose tuning pins or various other structural issues that can make tuning challenges. Some affordable solutions are offered depending upon the severeness.

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Yamaha, Kawai Grand Piano price from RM250 onwards


Any brand upright piano from RM90 – RM150 depending on job difficulty (Klang Valley)


Yamaha, Kawai Baby Grand piano price from RM220 per session


RM400 For Upright Piano, Rm900 for Grand Piano

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