1. Comparision of Kawai US7X and US6X Upright Grand

Ok guys, we have tested Kawai 6X AND 7X and actually found that there are not much different in terms of spec and height, both shared most of the characteristic. Therefore we trying to combine this two models review into 1 to ease your understanding better for USX series.

USX series is one of the highest end series u can ever find in Kawai piano. If u ask me how often we get our hands on US6X or US7X my answer is “ i only seen 2 units in my life time “ it was so rare that if i am the first owner i wouldn’t consider selling it and will keep it for my entire life. Piano Tan said he will not sell the piano if managed to let him obtain another unit. And we seriously think this piano will appreciate in value, just like rolex watches, because its so rare and difficult to find. Lets dive in into the specification of KAWAI US7X !

2. Specification

Size132(H) x 154(W) x 65(D) cm
ActionMillennium 1
SoundBoard MaterialSolid Spruce
Back Post6
Tuning pinBlued Pin
Key SurfaceNeotex
Duplex Scale
Center pedalpractice pedal
Music RackGrand Style
FallboardGrand Style

Kawai professional upright pianos are the finest pianos available for professional use in the studio, on the stage or at home. Few upright pianos are built to kawai’s quality performance standards, the US7X Upright adhere to a tradition of excellence that began with kawai’s world renowned grand pianos.

The backframe of US7X made up of 20 ply cross banded mahogany. The pin block of cross banded rock maple is securely anchored to the back assembly. Tuning stability is created when strengthened by the extra heavy cast iron plate assuring durability for many generation of use.

Kawai offers the largest soundboard surface area in the industry and is constructed from selected solid sitka spruce. Strings are made from the finest steel music wire and bass string are wrapped with solid copper, hammers are the finest 100% virgin wool and are designed to enhance kawai’s dynamic scale. Kawai US7X uses world-renown ultra responsive action reacts from the most delicate to the most dynamic touch.

The US7X series feature keys with 15% longer than standard key for ease of play, better better and improved repetition.


Grand piano style Music Rak and Fallboard

One thing Piano Tan notice is that the pin of USX series are made of nickel plated (Stainless) steel to resist rush where US series are mostly nickel cut pin. The Kawai US6X offers great value to a player who wants a piano with a rich full sound. The height of the US6X is responsible for a full rich tone. The 132cm tall cabinet gives plenty of room for long bass strings, which give a full rich sounding bass register.


3. Conclusion

If you ever saw 1 us6x or us7x, just buy dont think so much. If you have 1 and wish to sell, please only call Piano Tan and he will buy from you with a very good price haha