Strangely when i did some research online, many so call “professional” pianists actually wrote some biased reviews online, such as ” The GH1s were plagued with problems”, “The GH1 is difficult to tune” and some make funny statement saying that GH1 is a failure and YAMAHA replaced with GA1. Ok i am here to proof them wrong today.


Unparalleled in their beauty and musical range, grand pianos are the ultimate expression of the Piano maker’s art. Yamaha is proud to present a comprehensive line of incomparable grands, reflecting the very latest acoustic technology. Yamaha had a series of instruments called GH Series, where the H stood for home. This is a Japanese piano made for the North American Market.

The GH1 was an instrument with bass sostenuto, and It has mapes bass string (Same type of strings used on Steinway Pianos) for a rich sound. The GH1 reflects the culmination of Yamaha’s decades of piano designing experience. It is an acoustic grand which produces big, clean sound with great ambiance.

It can be confusing shopping for Yamaha pianos because there are so many models. This piano has a cousin that made in Japan which is GA1 and a long distance cousin made in Indonesia, the GB1K, which is a smaller piano that is designed as a cheaper price point, promotional instrument.

2. Specification

Size101(H) x 149(W) x 173(L) cm
SoundBoard MaterialSolid Spruce
Back Post
Tuning pinNickel Pin
Key SurfaceAcrylic Resin
HammerGraded hammers
Duplex Scale
Center pedalsostenuto
Music RackGrand Style
Fallboardno softclose

At 173cms in length this model works well in domestic settings, it produces a very powerful sound without overpowering the surroundings. The GH1 is capable of producing classic traditional sounds which create an outstanding effect. The classic black gloss case finishes off a good looking grand piano.

The Yamaha GH1 features an advanced scale design and is wonderfully constructed with dovetail joints, solid maple bridge, solid spruce ribs and soundboard, copper bass string and spruce keys featuring hardwood buttons. It uses Yamaha patented design balanced action with specially made hammer shanks exclusive to the Yamahas. As this model was created to accommodate the US market, its available in polished ebony, American walnut, white, ivory and mahogany.

GH1 featuring one of the Yamaha’s premium weighted acitons, provides greater accuracy for faster repetition passages required by intermediate and advanced pianist. Professional grade components provide a smoother, quieter mechanism when striking the key.

3. Tonality and Voicing

The GH1 provides a well-rounded and full bodied sound. It maintains the high Yamaha standard even this H models were design to fit your home. When it comes to grand pianos, i usually noticed that Yamaha’s European models sounds brighter such as GA1 and this can be explained why they uses the mapes string that also used on the Steinways. The GH1 sounded brighter, with lovely rich, pure tone and nice responsive action. The tone is nicely balanced across the keyboard by our Yamaha Trained technician, especially the middle zone.

The GH1 has a very good amount of power for louder playing but also offers plenty of space in its range for soft dynamics. The agraffe offers a clean termination from which the string can vibrate and it used in the bass, tenor and lower treble. This is definitely a grand piano that would satisfy professional players, that often requires a high quality, reliable instrument. The action is regulated to play well for any players from beginner to advance.

4 . Conclusion – They are wrong !

Overall, this is a very high quality
built piano for the price. Maybe some of them encounter some unskilled
technician who dont know how to restore the piano but rest assure, our Yamaha
certified technian will help you restore the GH1 to their glorious condition.
Yamahas are sometimes criticised for their brightness, but there is no
stridency here, what you get are clear, full bodied tones that make a very
satisfying playing experience. If you are looking for a baby grand for your
house, give us a call ok ? We have this model in our showroom but not all the
time as GH1 is rarely seen in Malaysia market. Please give me a call before you
come la because sometimes if sold already then no more lo. But we always kept
50 to 60 grands in stock, so just call me and book an appointment with me to
avoid disappointment.


Lockdown day 24. Peace and love yo