For many years, the Kawai GM series was one of the most popular baby grand pianos in the world. In 2015, it was replaced by the GL10 that has continued its legacy as one of the world’s best selling 5ft grand pianos. The modern age of Kawai offers several piano lines, which include the EX concert piano, the RX premium series, and GE, GM series. The GM series line of grand pianos made its mark on the entire music products industry when it was named ” Global Music Industry Product Of The YEAR” – the top award presented annually by MMR magazine. Today we are here to review the GM2 series, the very fine instrument hand crafted in Japan.

The Kawai GM series has two different models in its line, The first model is the GM10K baby grand and the another one is GM2, a classic instrument that exudes elegance and regal charm. The finely crafted instrument produces a resonant tone upon playing, that creates a truly delightful ambiance.

Although the GM2 is a compact 150cm in length, it is built with the same dedication to quality craftsmanship that goes into the production of the GE and GX series pianos. The result is a majestic baby grand piano that is impressive enough to suit any home or studio. The GM2 are outfitted with steel reinforced keyslips that resist warping and bending. The GM Series piano keybeds are constructed using sturdy laminated hardwoods that are reinforced with an underside steel support beam, which provides a more stable, powerful sounding.

2. Specification

Size150cm long
ActionMillennium II piano action
SoundBoard MaterialSolid Spruce
Back Post
Tuning pinNickel Pin
Key SurfaceReal Ivory / Neotex
Duplex Scale
Center pedalBass Sostenuto
Music RackGrand Style
FallboardGrand Style 3. Tonality and Voicing

3. Tonality & Playing Experience

The overall sounding of GM2 is seasoned and mature overtime which produces the clear crystal well known tone of Kawai. I personally fall in love with this piano as I am always more fond towards Kawai bass sound as I am used to Kawai since very young when learning and performing around Australia in my younger days, but i do love the crystal clear sound of Yamaha, this piano let me have the best of both world !

The touch is medium light and very responsive after having it regulated meticulously by our Master Technician. This makes for optimum speed and responsiveness in piano touch. You will be captivated by the incredibly discerning degree of control it gives you. This made possible with the use of Millennium action, a composite material of highly impressive rigidity and sturdiness, enabling Kawai GM2 to use action parts that are light and speedy without sacrificing durability.

The bass is resounding is powerful, bold ! Even though its a 5 footer. middle range amazingly clear and the upper registers crystal clear treble tone.


Believe me or not, this piano will retain its value like a Rolex watch, for example if you buy this unit for RM30K, for another 10 to 15 years of use, you can still sell around RM25K-28K as Japan piano was built to last.

 It is a very good investment as we offer 70% buyback within 10 years.

5 . Conclusion – for the Pros.

I would recommend this grand piano to advance player or concert level pianist, or for orang kaya who wants to ataskan their lounge or to conduct private piano lessons. The price is affordable and excellent value for money. Please contact me if you wish to check out this piano but i cant promise by the time you call me its ready stock, as this GM2 is extremely rare in Japan used market. New one was selling around RM60k !

Do give me a call before you wish to visit either our warehouse or factory ya