Kawai grand pianos are among the finest musical instruments in the world. Whether you are a performing artist or an aspiring hobbyist, there is a Kawai grand piano ready to meet you exactly where you are in your musical journey, meet the KAWAI KG1N. Kawai KG1N is the award winning 5 foot baby grand pianos recognised around European market for its matchless combination of performance and value.

Crafted beautifully not only the outside, KG1N was designed to provide the ultimate long term precision and nuance through the use of leading-edge composite materials( Such as carbon fibre). Lets take a look at this mythical glory piano.

There is no difference in product quality between Kawai labeled “K.KAWAI” or KAWAI. The difference is the type of instrument on which these logos are found. The “K.Kawai” brand logo is used only for Kawai grand pianos but K48 is an exception. The K.KAWAI have been honored for over 90 years, following by Shigeru Kawai, the second generation of Kawai’s family who succeeded Koichi Kawai.

2. Specification

Size102(H) x 152(W) x 163(D) cm
ActionMillennium Action 1
SoundBoard MaterialSolid Spruce
Back Post
Tuning pinBlued Pin
Key SurfaceReal Ivory or Neotex
Duplex Scale
Center pedalFull Sostenuto
Music RackGrand Style
FallboardGrand Style

The KAWAI KG1N is simply the finest 5 Foot baby grand piano in the world. With the most complete set of music enhancing features ever offered on a piano of this size, the KG1N has everything a pianist needs to succeed- Superb tone, exceptional touch and a range of exclusive design elements that will sustain its outstanding performance for years to come.

Lets not confuse ourself with the older version of KG1, as this is the much newer version of KG series. The KG1C,D was manufactured in Japan in 1986 and the KG1N was in 1993-1996.

Its feature set includes the revolutionary Millennium 1 Grand action with ABS composites, longer keys than any comparable piano for a greater control, wide stretcher bar ever built into a small grand piano for stability.

The underfelted hammers produce outstanding tone and concert length key buttons provide more power with less effort. To me personally, i had 1 KG1N and i played many baby grands, the KG series is a top notch series where Pianist will perform better on KG series than some other baby grand.

It comes with a full sostenuto pedal which is really great ! For such a baby grand piano, it also comes with duplex scale which provide tone enhancement system that increase the tonality and excellence voice.


Whether you are using it for leisure, or professionally, KAWAI KG1N can suit all kind of needs and i personally think this is a very good home studio pianos which i love it so much despite its only a 5 footers, it produces sound that are incomparable than other baby grand. Again its my personal opinion, i like KG1N better than some Yamaha grand such as GH1 or GA1 which are the almost the same spec and price, but GH1 and GA1 doesnt comes with duplex scale. Therefore i think this is a very good piano which value for money ! Very seldom baby grand comes with full sostenuto but KG1N nailed it !

The KG1N is kinda rare in Malaysia market and normally, if you have a chance to see it, its will be in a very properly taken care condition as this piano were normally bought by collectors as it has got real ivory keys on it. Please give us a call to try on your luck if by the time you call us, we have 1 in stock !